The (Un) Caged Bird

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi


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I hate waste.  Absolutely can’t stand it.  Weekly, I accumulate at least a brown paper grocery bag full of junk mail advertisements, and catalogs.  In the past, I have used the service Catalog Choice to reduce some of the unwanted catalogs that I received in the mail.  I noticed a small reduction in the amount of catalogs I receive, and was happy to have a least the ones I never look at cease to arrive in my mailbox.  If you are under the distress that I once was, I highly encourage you to contact the companies that you receive unwanted catalogs from directly, or use a service like Catalog Choice to stop them from being sent.

I like to find a use or purpose for things if at all possible.  Anything that is not used, is recycled, upcycled, or donated.  As I was going through stacks and stacks of old magazines over the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as thumbing through the new Holiday 2009 Sephora catalogs I realized that those innocent little perfume adverts are incredibly useful and handy.


– sachet for your lingerie or sock drawer
-slip a few into stored shoes as a deoderizer
-pack in purse or suitcase as handy travel sized scented touch ups
-use as bookmarks to create a sensual reading experience
-slip into pillow case to create a blissful aromatic environment for sleep
-tuck one into your wallet to keep your greenbacks fresh.

– any many, many more.. remember possibilities are endless!!

sweet pecks and flights of fancy,



Author: theuncagedbird

Sensitive and soulful with a heart that spans oceans, and an armor of ice. Lover of simplicity and beauty. Educated at a liberal arts school, gained knowledge through life. Passionate about food, clothing, art, poetry, books, fast modes of transportation, and slow ways of life. A hero less heroine navigating the oceans of humanity.

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