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LIVING NATURAL: Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh 100% Natural Walnut Based Cat Litter

(Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Blue Buffalo and no one asked me to write this review. )

I have three cats, and they are my little bundles of joy and angels in fur.  I can’t imagine my life without their furry little selves greeting me when I come home, laying by me when I’m sick, hanging out in the garden with me, or cuddling up to me cozily when I watch a movie.  Last year, I expanded my cat family from one cat to three cats, it was unplanned and not really wanted, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The problem with three cats  is that there is a lot of litter box usage happening.   I was struggling to keep my house from smelling like cats lived here and I absolutely abhor the smell of a dirty litter box.  There are few things worse to me than the smell of ammonia or cat pee in the air. I try to tread gently on the earth and live free of artificial chemicals, reduce my waste, and use biodegradable product and had struggled to find a cat litter that made me feel okay about using it.  I have tried pine litter, recycled news litter, and clay litters made especially for multi cat use with so called odor busters and fragrances.  None of them worked.  The  litters with fragrance created this icky fragrance laced cat pee ammonia smell and didn’t show any improvement over other clay litters.  The pine litter developed a sweet piney cat pee smell, which also left me feeling nauseous.

On my last trip to PetSmart, I discovered the Blue Buffalo 100% Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter (non-clumping formula) and decided to give it a whirl.

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut Based non clumping cat litter

Blue Buffalo 100% Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter, in a nutshell:

– More than 2x the odor control of non-clumping litters (True!  I would even say it’s more than 2x.)
– Virtually dust free (Hallelujah!)
– Low tracking
– All natural, and made from an annually renewable resource.
– Chemical and toxin free
– All of the walnuts used are grown in the USA
– The litter should last at least 30 days between changes if you have a single cat household.

I have been purchasing Blue Buffalo cat food for five years now and am sold on the brand, so I felt very comfortable trying a different product from them.  It seemed like a win-win situation, the product is made from walnut shells which is a naturally odor neutralizing agent that is biodegradable and renewable.  The litter itself is pellet shaped and since it is not clay based there is virtually no dust and it won’t get stuck to kitty paws and tracked through the house.  It does not clump like clay litter, but there is a type of clumping action that happens when the pellets absorb the urine.  After using it for a month, I’m sold, this product works.  I do clean out the poo and pee soaked pellets on a daily basis.

Litter box after two weeks, waste has been scooped out and this is what remains.

If you have a standard scoop the pellets won’t drop through the holes, and you have to try and only scoop the waste that you want to remove, but that is the only downside I have found with this product.  I did not transition my cats into this new litter, I simply cleaned out the old, disinfected the boxes, and filled with the new pellet litter.  My cats did not have any problems adjusting to the new litter.  At the Pet Smart I visited this was the only type of Blue Buffalo litter available, but I plan on trying the multi cat formula and clumping formula on my next litter purchase.  I am thrilled that I discovered this cat litter, my house no longer smells like cats live here, and I’ve managed to accomplish that goal by using a product that is in line with my desire to be chemcial free, renewable,  and enviornmentally friendly.

Here are some places where you can buy this product online.

Mr. Chewy – 15% off store wide today, free shipping on orders over $49. The non clumping formula is 12.99 for a 17 lb. bag. (More expensive product than purchasing at PetSmart. I’ve never shopped this site, but if convenience is key then this may be for you.)

PetSmart – Non Clumping formula is normally 9.99, but is 7.99 through today I believe.

Our pets deserve to live natural, chemical-free lives too!  Let’s give them the loving, healthy, clean environments they deserve.


04/22/13 – Update :   I have three cats and apparently one of them did not like using the litter after awhile.  I was using the non clumping formula so it could be that I didn’t completely empty it often enough.  Anyway, the cat started using the bathroom all of the house and after trying several things to stop it I eventually tried Tidy Cat again and now I have no more cat messes.  I did use the litter all the way up until about two months ago and would still use it if my cat didn’t dissaprove. The clumping formula of Blue Buffalo is out of my price range but maybe I’ll find another alternative again that my cat will approve of.


WISDOM: Doses of Inspiration

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.“- 

I subscribe to several sites that send daily (or weekly) inspiration emails that give me strength, hope, and guidance as I travel down my life path.  These emails generally focus on building confidence, keeping motivation going, and encourage  self love.  Receiving these emails in my inbox has been a great comfort to me and has provided me with a daily dose of inspiration and wisdom that provide me positive food for thought and encouragement to keep in the forefront of my mind as I go through my day.  Many days I feel as if the emails have been written just for me as they address topics that I’ve been struggling with, maybe you’ll feel the same way too.

I hope you enjoy them, subscribe, and I hope they help you as much as they have me.

DailyOM – You can subscribe to a daily general inspiration and a specialized inspiration for each horoscope.  These emails address subjects pertaining to the body, mind, and spirit.  This website also offers online courses on a pay what you can scale, which is marvelous for those on a budget and for those who are feeling generous.

The Daily Love – If you follow me on Twitter you know I retweet The Daily Love tweets all the time.  This email is a “daily multivitamin for the soul” and focuses on achieving your goals, relationships, and being your authentic self.

Tiny Buddha –  This is really a weekly dose of wisdom, but there’s so many great articles included that I keep it in my inbox and read them throughout the week.  Tiny Buddha offers “simple wisdom for complex lives”, and has the added bonus of giving you a free e-book on 92 life lessons when you sign up.

Wishing you all the strength, hope, and inspiration to dream and to achieve your dreams.