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"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi

Think Kit Day 5: Favorite Moments of 2012

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Today’s topic required us to interview three people about their favorite moments of the past year.  I decided to bend the rules a bit and take the efficient approach and post the query on my Facebook page with full disclosure to my friends and family that their responses would be included in today’s blog post.  I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s most memorable moments and hope you enjoy them too.

“Buying a condo in Florida and being able to spend the month of February on the beach.”

“When I finished writing a book.”

“My 8 year old daughter read her first chapter book.”

“My massage yesterday!”

“My week with my grand-daughter, she is amazingly observant and a breath of fresh air.”

“Spending time in Hawaii with my fun and amazing husband,  having a feisty and alert 91 year old mama, spending time with and enjoying many students, alumni and friends on a day-to-day basis. Two silly dogs, a cat, great employees and a warm cozy home to settle into every day. Blessed I am!”

What are your favorite moments from 2012?


Author: theuncagedbird

Sensitive and soulful with a heart that spans oceans, and an armor of ice. Lover of simplicity and beauty. Educated at a liberal arts school, gained knowledge through life. Passionate about food, clothing, art, poetry, books, fast modes of transportation, and slow ways of life. A hero less heroine navigating the oceans of humanity.

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