The (Un) Caged Bird

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi

Think Kit Day 8: Your Creative Process

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I’m a bit behind in my posts, but am going to try and catch up and write in order.  I haven’t even read some of the prompts as I haven’t had the time in general to write.  Here we go, jumping back on the wagon and let’s see how far I get down this road this time.

I feel like being creative is an essential part of feeling alive to me.  I don’t intentionally try to be creative but it comes and goes of its own accord.  For work one has to be creative on demand at times but even then its fun to be able to make something new and make something exist because you thought it into existence and made it.   I like to make beautiful places, things, and environments.  What I wear and how I decorate my spaces express who I am in the sense that it shows what makes me feel good, happy, and like “me”.

One of the projects I enjoyed the most this year was making a horse heating/cooling pad for my niece.  She loves horses and has trouble sleeping so I made this for her birthday hoping it would help her sleep better.  I a pattern online for an owl version of this pillow and made my own horse version for my niece.  I had originally planned on sewing on the facial features of the horse with separate fabrics but due to time restrictions I ended up painting them instead.    The project took longer then planned but I really enjoyed making it and giving a gift that was made with lots of love. IMG_3841



Author: theuncagedbird

Sensitive and soulful with a heart that spans oceans, and an armor of ice. Lover of simplicity and beauty. Educated at a liberal arts school, gained knowledge through life. Passionate about food, clothing, art, poetry, books, fast modes of transportation, and slow ways of life. A hero less heroine navigating the oceans of humanity.

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