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How I Quit Smoking, Cold Turkey

My tribute to cigarettes and their role in my life.

I’ve made it three months now without a cigarette using completely natural methods  without using prescription or over the counter drugs.  I had been a smoker for more then ten years. I had my first cigarette when I was in eighth grade and became a regular smoker by the time I was sixteen.  I used cigarettes as a coping mechanism to help comfort me and they became like a teddy bear.  Whenever I was upset, I knew I could just sneak away for a few moments with a cigarette and everything would temporarily be okay again.  I hated myself for smoking because it goes against everything that I stand for, yet for a long time I still continued to do it anyway.  As I aged, I became more dependent on them emotionally and socially.  I have suffered from symptoms of anxiety and depression and have had some very difficult life events to get through to get where I am now.  Cigarettes gave me pleasure and made me feel happy for a moment, and gave me the comfort that I needed to get through these difficult times.  They temporarily relieved anxiety and I could always find a group of people to join and feel a temporary sense of belonging by sharing a cigarette with them.  I’ve tried quitting many times over the years, this is not my first try.  This is probably my sixth, seventh, or eighth attempt.

I am proud to say I have now gone for three months without a cigarette.  From day one I have not had one single little puff, I gave them up completely and vowed to never turn back.  I think the mental aspect is the most important when quitting smoking.  You have to actually want to quit smoking, not feel like you have to, or do it for anyone other than yourself.  I read somewhere that the level of self-esteem you have is directly correlated to the commitments that you keep to yourself.  (If I knew where I read it, I’d cite it, but I haven’t a clue).  When I read that something clicked inside of me. I knew that my growth and development as a person and my well-being outside of my physical health relied on me giving up smoking.  I despised and hated myself for being a smoker yet I felt completely dependent on them. There was a part of me that loved the ritual of smoking, but I think it was more the comfort from having done it for so long rather than the act of smoking itself.

The first two weeks of quitting smoking were far from fun and sent me on an emotional roller coaster. I did not take pharmaceutical drugs or any herbal supplements besides a multi vitamin.  Why? Because I believe it’s essential to change the behavioral and emotional patterns that cause the addictive behavior.  I believe in empowering oneself by doing the work to resolve the root of the issue, not popping a pill to mask the symptoms.  Taking the easy road only cheats yourself out of the positive benefits gained by doing the work.  In one of my prior quitting attempts I tried nicotine gum and I think it handicapped me and was part of why I relapsed.  I had the gum to continue putting nicotine in my body and that still provided the calming feeling of smoking, thus I wasn’t forced to find a healthy coping mechanism to replace smoking.  I firmly believe my success in remaining a non smoker lies in the way that I went about quitting this last time and my own mental attitude and willingness to not smoke a cigarette no matter what.  No excuses, no cigarettes period. Smoking a cigarette was not an available choice I gave myself.

Tips to quit smoking, cold turkey:

1.  First, make a commitment to yourself that quitting is a legitimate goal and put it at the top of your priority list.

If you don’t make it one of your top priorities, you’re not going to quit.  I had some rough days the first week after I gave up cigarettes, day five was the worst of all.  Giving up smoking was like losing a great friend and I went through all of the stages of grief associated with loss.  You’ll want to make excuses for yourself and allow yourself just one cigarette to make the symptoms of withdrawal go away. Don’t do it.  It’s all an illusion.  The only way to truly quit is by going through the process.  You can’t reach the end without being on the journey to get there.  You can’t let anything sway you from your goal of quitting.

2.  Second, set a date that you are going to quit and stick to it.  I highly recommend starting right before your weekend.   

I had my last cigarette on a Friday and allowed myself the next two days to relax and take it easy.  I avoided social situations and people where smoking occurred.  This is extremely helpful the first few weeks while you detox from smoking and build up some strength and faith in yourself.  Don’t fall for the one last cigarette trap.  We both know it won’t be the last.  You probably will not want to quit on your planned quit date, and you’ll probably come up with many excuses as to why you can’t.  You can.  Do it.

3.  Call yourself a non smoker as soon as you have that last cigarette. 

I believe that the quitting process is mostly psychological.  By calling yourself a non smoker you are affirming what you want in your life and not reminding yourself that you used to be a smoker.  Saying you are quitting smoking will only make you think about the fact that you won’t be having a cigarette ever again (if that’s your goal).

4.  Reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol from your diet.

 Quitting smoking will make you feel jittery as it is, don’t add a lot of caffeine to the mix.  It will only make it worse.  I had a cup of coffee in the mornings and that was it all day.  I rarely drink as it is (in the present), since I quit smoking I’ve maybe had one glass of wine.  As I write this I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in over a month and a half.  When I did drink in the past, I always wanted a cigarette to go with it.  I think most smokers have a strong coffee and alcohol to cigarette connection.  It’s best in the beginning to just avoid those things that you used to always have a cigarette with, if you can.

5.  Make sure you’re taking B vitamin supplements. 

Whether you take a multi-vitamin or a separate B Vitamin supplement take something to give your body additional nutritional support to help with stress management and the mood swings that quitting smoking can create.  Ehow has a nice article on B Vitamins and quitting smoking.

6.  Drink lots of water.

Yes, you will probably be going to the bathroom a lot but this is necessary to help your body flush the toxins as it begins to get rid of the yucky smoking crud you’ve built up in your body.  Also, I found it beneficial to drink water until I was completely full of it whenever I had a serious cigarette craving.  When I drove I also sipped on a water bottle.  I replaced the oral fixation of smoking a cigarette with drinking water.

7.  Don’t try to cut calories because you’re worried about gaining weight from quitting.

You’re going to be stressed out as it is learning how to live without smoking if you’ve been a long term smoker.  Attempting to diet on top of that is a bad plan.  Instead, allow yourself healthy snacks to combat the cravings.  Eat carrot sticks, celery, apple slices, large bowls of fresh salads with plenty of veggies.  I bought some suckers from Trader Joe’s to suck on when I had a craving and the sugar triggers a calming and pleasurable response in the body which helped as well. You may put on some weight, so what.  Make your second goal the goal of losing the weight you gained quitting smoking.

8.  Take time for physical exercise at least three times a week. 

Go for walks, join a yoga class, swim, bicycle.  Do something to move your body and sweat.  The more you sweat the better off you’ll be.  Sweating allows the toxins to be excreted from your body faster which will lessen your withdrawal symptoms and shorten the withdrawal process.  Also, exercising releases endorphin’s that make you feel happy which will also help counteract the mood swings and negative side effects of quitting.  Certain types of exercise are also excellent at releasing aggression, irritation, and anger too.

9.  Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself, and show yourself love and compassion. 

During the first two weeks of quitting I was so angry at myself for ever having started smoking in the first place.  I was yelling at myself internally for starting smoking and putting me in the position of having to feel all the uncomfortable emotions I was feeling from quitting smoking.  This is pretty counterproductive and will only begin a downward spiral.  You can’t change what you already chose to do, so acknowledge the excellent choices you’re making in the present and give yourself some love for making that awesome decision to begin living a healthier life and eliminating a deadly habit.

10.  Find a supportive friend to be there for you when you think you’re losing your mind

I was lucky to have the support of a very loving and kind individual who patiently listened while I vented during my quitting process.  Everything and everyone was incredibly annoying to me while I was quitting smoking.  When I felt discouraged or was struggling I was able to receive support and encouragement.  They were my lifeline to make me feel like I was anchored to solid ground while I found my own way and the strength within myself to get through each day without smoking.  The mood swings can make you think that you have seriously gone insane.  It’s helpful to have someone remind you that you’re just experiencing withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking and that your sanity will be restored when your body is in balance again.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong.  What worked for me may or may not work for you.  You’ll find your own way, but take that initial step and leap of faith to quit.  I know you can do it!

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LIVING NATURAL: Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh 100% Natural Walnut Based Cat Litter

(Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Blue Buffalo and no one asked me to write this review. )

I have three cats, and they are my little bundles of joy and angels in fur.  I can’t imagine my life without their furry little selves greeting me when I come home, laying by me when I’m sick, hanging out in the garden with me, or cuddling up to me cozily when I watch a movie.  Last year, I expanded my cat family from one cat to three cats, it was unplanned and not really wanted, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The problem with three cats  is that there is a lot of litter box usage happening.   I was struggling to keep my house from smelling like cats lived here and I absolutely abhor the smell of a dirty litter box.  There are few things worse to me than the smell of ammonia or cat pee in the air. I try to tread gently on the earth and live free of artificial chemicals, reduce my waste, and use biodegradable product and had struggled to find a cat litter that made me feel okay about using it.  I have tried pine litter, recycled news litter, and clay litters made especially for multi cat use with so called odor busters and fragrances.  None of them worked.  The  litters with fragrance created this icky fragrance laced cat pee ammonia smell and didn’t show any improvement over other clay litters.  The pine litter developed a sweet piney cat pee smell, which also left me feeling nauseous.

On my last trip to PetSmart, I discovered the Blue Buffalo 100% Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter (non-clumping formula) and decided to give it a whirl.

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut Based non clumping cat litter

Blue Buffalo 100% Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter, in a nutshell:

– More than 2x the odor control of non-clumping litters (True!  I would even say it’s more than 2x.)
– Virtually dust free (Hallelujah!)
– Low tracking
– All natural, and made from an annually renewable resource.
– Chemical and toxin free
– All of the walnuts used are grown in the USA
– The litter should last at least 30 days between changes if you have a single cat household.

I have been purchasing Blue Buffalo cat food for five years now and am sold on the brand, so I felt very comfortable trying a different product from them.  It seemed like a win-win situation, the product is made from walnut shells which is a naturally odor neutralizing agent that is biodegradable and renewable.  The litter itself is pellet shaped and since it is not clay based there is virtually no dust and it won’t get stuck to kitty paws and tracked through the house.  It does not clump like clay litter, but there is a type of clumping action that happens when the pellets absorb the urine.  After using it for a month, I’m sold, this product works.  I do clean out the poo and pee soaked pellets on a daily basis.

Litter box after two weeks, waste has been scooped out and this is what remains.

If you have a standard scoop the pellets won’t drop through the holes, and you have to try and only scoop the waste that you want to remove, but that is the only downside I have found with this product.  I did not transition my cats into this new litter, I simply cleaned out the old, disinfected the boxes, and filled with the new pellet litter.  My cats did not have any problems adjusting to the new litter.  At the Pet Smart I visited this was the only type of Blue Buffalo litter available, but I plan on trying the multi cat formula and clumping formula on my next litter purchase.  I am thrilled that I discovered this cat litter, my house no longer smells like cats live here, and I’ve managed to accomplish that goal by using a product that is in line with my desire to be chemcial free, renewable,  and enviornmentally friendly.

Here are some places where you can buy this product online.

Mr. Chewy – 15% off store wide today, free shipping on orders over $49. The non clumping formula is 12.99 for a 17 lb. bag. (More expensive product than purchasing at PetSmart. I’ve never shopped this site, but if convenience is key then this may be for you.)

PetSmart – Non Clumping formula is normally 9.99, but is 7.99 through today I believe.

Our pets deserve to live natural, chemical-free lives too!  Let’s give them the loving, healthy, clean environments they deserve.


04/22/13 – Update :   I have three cats and apparently one of them did not like using the litter after awhile.  I was using the non clumping formula so it could be that I didn’t completely empty it often enough.  Anyway, the cat started using the bathroom all of the house and after trying several things to stop it I eventually tried Tidy Cat again and now I have no more cat messes.  I did use the litter all the way up until about two months ago and would still use it if my cat didn’t dissaprove. The clumping formula of Blue Buffalo is out of my price range but maybe I’ll find another alternative again that my cat will approve of.