The (Un) Caged Bird

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi

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The Think Kit Challenge: Day 1, My year in photos

I decided to particpate in the Think Kit project where every day for the next 31 days I’ll write about a topic that is assigned to me through Think Kit. I need another item on my to do list like I need a hole in my head but I obviously have not been writing for awhile and I love to write so I figured, let’s do it!  Time to let myself flex my writing muscles and have some fun all at the same time.  So, here we go!

My year in photos

Am I a duck, a swan, an eagle, or a hummingbird?  You know the fabled story of The Ugly Duckling?  This was a year of a lot of personal growth for me and I had to stop and look at my feathers and figure out who I was and what kind of bird that I am. 



Part of that process involved investigating the chains that were binding me and then freeing myself from them.  I had created fences and boundaries for myself with the lifestyle that I had been living and was keeping myself trapped and confined in them.  I could see the sun rising on the other side and a new dawn on the horizon, if I could only tear down the fence that kept me from freedom.  



Change was a huge theme for the year.  I couldn’t really go through all of that introspection and not change the ties that bound me.  I quit smoking, quit drinking, and quit dating boyfriends that weren’t right for me.  I’m taking steps towards choosing for myself and putting myself and my needs first.  Not the easiest thing when you have Florence Nightingale syndrome, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.  In addition, my family’s business moved offices, I opened my own massage studio, and signed with a second talent agency.  I also joined a gym and started working out regularly.  The exercising came before the gym, but as the weather cooled and the hours grew shorter I had to find somewhere other than the great outdoors to stretch my legs. 



As the year is coming to an end, I can proudly look back and say that I’ve really made some positive changes in my life. When the year started I was overwhelmed, suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, and had a very bleak outlook on my existence.  I felt like I was in the winter of my life and gradually as the weather warmed and the year progressed so did I.  Areas of myself that I thought were dead were merely dormant and I allowed them to come alive again.    From the parts of me that were asleep and lifeless new life grew and blossomed. 


And that was 2012 for me in four photos.  I’m excited about what 2013 has in store for me, I don’t know what it is but whatever it may be I laid a good foundation for it this year.  What has 2012 been like for you?