The (Un) Caged Bird

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi


Gardening Diary – March 30, 2013

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today and since this was the first free day I’ve had where it’s been 50 degrees I spent a few hours in my garden.  I really love gardening and have had an urban garden for a few years now.  Gardening is a magical experience for me as I am always in awe of something or other and watching my plants grow inspires me and makes me happy and grateful to be alive.    I thought I’d share my gardening experiences here on my blog as a way to share with others and as a personal record of what I’ve done.  It was so nice to be out in the sun with my hands in the dirt today!

– Cleaned out herb beds of weeds.  Trimmed back rose bush, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, catnip, and terragon.

– Planted garlic.  (I had planted broccoli for the past two years in the spot where I’m planting the garlic, crop rotation seemed like a good idea.)

– Thinned out carrots.  The carrots from last year reseeded and so I had to go through and thin them out.  Bonus, no new planting though.  Last year was my first year to grow carrots so I wanted to experiment this year with letting the carrots reseed, worked well.

– Harvested brussels sprouts.   Last year was also the first year that I grew brussels sprouts and I had not harvested any of them but let them continue to grow and winter it out.   I harvested two stalks today and have two more to harvest.

– Clean out spinach, harvest a little, plant more spinach seeds.   The spinach I planted in the fall was so still alive and growing so I cleaned it up and thinned it out a bit.  Then, I planted more seeds that I harvested from last years spinach crop to fill out the bed. Mulch spinach bed with dried tomato stalks from last season.

– Make new bed and plant poppy seeds.  I discovered a packet of poppy seeds when I was sorting through my seeds and decided to make an area next to my front stairway into a bed for poppies.  I planted half a packet of the poppy seeds in the new bed and held half a packet back for the bed I’ll have to create on the other side.


Herb bed with spicy oregano, rosemary, sage and a rose bush.


Herb bed number two with oregano, spearmint, and tarragon.


Garlic bed, not much to see right now. I planted around sixteen cloves in rows four by four.


The portion of the carrot bed that I worked on today. You can see where I separated the patch into rows.


Brussels sprout stalks.


Spinach bed with tomato stalk mulch. Ms. M is inspecting my work. 🙂


l New bed planted with poppy seeds.


photo (30)

Harvest! The brussels sprouts, spinach, and a single carrot were my rewards for my efforts.