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"Let the beauty we love be what we do." – Rumi

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HEALTHSPIRATION – Simple, easy, natural steps towards health.

In the last post I talked about choosing my goals for 2010.  Below, are the main things that I try and incorporate into my daily routine.  They aren’t expensive, and are very easy to accomplish.   

Eat the Rainbow.  Experiment and try all the fruits and vegetables that you’ve never had before.  Make your meal a canvas and be creative in its preparation.  Just because a diet is comprised of fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean that you have to be lacking in variety and flavor.  For dessert I often snack on blueberries, pomegranates, blackberries, and star fruit.  I love the sweet, juicy, refreshing tartness of these fruits.  They have all the flavor, without the unhealthy artificial sugars in many desserts. For lunch, I enjoy some sort of salad, soup, vegetarian pizza, or sandwich.  One of my personal favorites is a sprout, avocado, wasabi mayonnaise sandwich.  I love wasabi!  I steam, sautee, broil, and bake vegetables.  I like to pair them with a pasta, or brown rice.  The sky is the limit, and you are free to create new recipes, combining flavors and colors to create a pleasing meal for yourself. 

Eat the Rainbow

Eat the Rainbow - Colorful Fruit by justin and alissa

 Colorful Fruit by justin and alissa 

Fruit and Vegetable Salad - Jenny Downing

 Eat The Rainbow – Colorful fruit and vegetable salad by Jenny Downing.  

Stop weighing in on the scale, and start asking yourself how you feel.   I admit that I still weigh myself every now and then for curiosity, but I never use the number to determine whether I am healthy or not.  Weight isn’t an accurate measure of health, and since we are all individuals, only you can determine what feels right for you.  A number on a scale will also never tell you whether you are properly hydrated, and consuming the proper nutrition for your body to function at its best.  It is more important to ask yourself how you feel inside your body, then what it weighs.  Does it feel limber and supple?  Well rested and energized?  Do you feel strong? How is your digestive system functioning?  Do you sleep well at night?  Do you breathe deep and easily?  Or do you hold your breath under stress?  Answering the questions above and creating your own of the same type to answer can provide you with valuable feedback on your state of health.  Being concerned with being toned, active, fit, and eating a balanced diet that nourishes your body is personally where I would prefer to focus my attention, then on how much I weigh.  Because if I feel healthy, vivacious, and comfortable in my own body the number doesn’t matter. 


Photo Credit: Egor.Gribanov-flickr


Laugh Often 

Laughing is a great resource of free serotonin, it helps tone your abs, and its fun!  Watch movies or tv shows that make you laugh.  Release your inner child, act silly, and play.  Get together with friends and play charades or another type of laughter inducing board game.  You’ll not only brighten your own spirits but the ones of those around you as well.  Smiling is a free, simple, and easy gift to pass along to the people you meet. 


Happy Birthday Girl by D. Sharon Pruitt


Smile - I command you! by Alan Cleaver 2000 (flickr)



-Drink clean filtered water 

Since our bodies are largely comprised of water it is essential that we drink enough water for it to operate properly.  Ingesting the proper amount of water allows our bodies to flush out toxins and waste, and maintain digestive health. 

There is a handy formula for calculating how much water you should drink each day.  Drink 1 oz. of water for every 2lbs of body weight (if you are not active),  or approximately 3 oz.’s per every 2 lbs if you are an athlete.  An easy way to remember it (if you are inactive) is to divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces of water per day.   At the beginning it may seem as if you are drinking a lot of water, but by spreading it out through the day, it becomes very natural and manageable.  Imagine how much water you would consume every day if you drank no beverage other than water!  When you initially drink more water then you are used to it can cause more frequent urination.  This is pretty common as your body adjusts and flushes out your system.   

I love carrying Sigg water bottles with me.  They don’t have any toxic ingredients that leech into your beverage, are very durable and resilient, and help to keep beverages cold when not exposed to sun.  Not only are they healthy and environmentally friendly, but they are fun and fashionable too!  Cool designs for everyone in all age groups. 

Sigg Kids Flutter Flirt Water Bottle
Sigg Kids Flutter Flirt Water Bottle

Photo from Sigg Website 


Get enough sleep 

Our bodies require sleep for restoration and healing.   Just because we can make ourselves get by and function on 2 to 4 hours of sleep every night, doesn’t mean that we should.  Our bodies need to relax, dream, and be given a chance to relax and rest so that we can perform the demanding schedules that we develop for our lives. 


Sleeping cat by kaibara87

Create peace and quiet 

Take a few minutes when you wake up to ground and center yourself.  Light a candle while you have your morning cup of coffee, tea, or eat breakfast.  Celebrate each morning and take time to enjoy having a brand new day in front of you. Find your own special way of taking a few moments to set an intention for the day ahead, and take time to get yourself together.   Find whichever way is comfortable and enables you to create inner peace and let your soul soar free. 

Serenity by baejaar


~ Until next time.  Let’s enjoying riding the breezes and observing the clouds.

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